I am a Alaska raised woman who has been belly dancing for the last 22 years. I started belly dancing with my Mother and quickly realized how much I loved it. My Mother was one of four women who founded the troupe, Hafi Harim, and since then we have performed in many places in Alaska, but our main event for the last 22 years has been the state Fair on Labor Day.

I highly enjoy dancing with my troupe because we don’t just perform on dance stages, we also go to assisted living homes and perform for the elderly!

This will be my first time teaching by myself since my mother moved away last February but I am very excited to continue her legacy.

Our classes are designed so that you get a great workout while you learn to dance. Our motto is “If you can walk, we can teach you how to dance”. My mission in teaching Belly dancing is to make every women feel confident in their own skin, it’s not about the size of the dancer or how big their movements areit’s about knowing how to execute the movements correctly and having confidence in yourself.
In both classes we start with warm up and end with cool down. beginners will learn basic posture and then each week we will progress with movements and then we will add some props. Intermediate class will start by going over movements and then be taught a choreography.

The last class in the session will be a Hafla where the intermediate dancers will be asked to perform the choreography and do a small solo for the beginners.