AMA Staff

Alaska Music and Arts seeks to bring together the many artists and technicians in the Mat-Su Valley.


Owner – Jeff Sponsler

Jeff has played piano and guitar since high school and taught himself soprano saxophone and flute after college. While in college, he took a college theory course at WVU and learned how to write Bach chorales. He is self instructed in music technology including MIDI and is skilled in the use of the recording software NUENDO.

Jeff was keyboardist for jazz fusion project Talespin in Washington DC in 1985. He was the composer of rock opera Etheria which is available from iTunes and He has also recently composed new rock operas that are in preparation. These are The Zones of Nuratopia, Zanthonika, Veraterria, and most recently Nucleotopia. Jeff hopes to release these CD recordings within the next 2 years.

Jeff was the founder and leader of local jazz group Polychrome Jazz with Antique Libby, Jay Dearborn, and Barry Johnson.


  • Composer
  • Musician
  • Martial Arts Instructor

Manager – Chad Parker

Chad has a great deal of experience in IT, management, and music. He keeps everything working here and makes sure the schedules are followed.


  • Information Technologist and Programmer
  • Stage Manager
  • Scheduling and Office Management